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Some issues with The RADM2 chemical mechanism and MADE/SORGAM aerosol


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Hi everybody!
I am using the RADM2 chemical mechanism and MADE/SORGAM aerosol including some aqueous reactions (chem_opt= 11). I want to share with you my experience with this chemical mechanism and get some answers to the following questions:

Question 1:
Since the wrfchem guide is not updated, I tried to read the code and understand what different options I have to use for dust emission when working with chem_opt= 11.
in module_aerosols_sorgam.F, there are two options for dust_opt = 2 and 13. The first option is disabled due to some problems, but when I use dust_opt = 13 I got very high unrealistic values for PM10 and Pm2.5 (see attached Fig).
I think it is a dust emission adopted to be used with MADE/SORGAM aerosol, But it is not working in my case.
Is it ok to use dust_opt = 1 (GOCART dust emissions)? In this case I got realistic values (see attached Fig).

I want to note that we can also use dust_opt = 13 for chem_opt= 202 (MOZART-MOSAIC (4 bins + VBS SOA + aqeuous chemistry)). In this case I got realistic values.

Question 2:
I am using Edgar data. I use these options:
emiss_opt = 3 = uses RADM2-MADE/SORGAM anthropogenic emissions
emiss_inpt_opt = 1 = Emissions are speciated for RADM2/SORGAM.

Can I change emiss_inpt_opt to :
emiss_inpt_opt = 102 = RADM2 emission speciation adapted after reading data file to follow the RADM2/SORGAM framework (including isoprene)

Question 3:
If I let default value for use_theta_m (=1), my run gets stuck after 120 hour of forecast with this message:
d01 2010-05-07_00:10:30 calling inc/
d01 2010-05-07_00:10:30 call rk_phys_bc_dry_1
d01 2010-05-07_00:10:30 call init_zero_tendency
d01 2010-05-07_00:10:30 calling inc/

I tried to make some changes to time_step, because I thought it is something related to the stability or the dynamic, or chemdt, but it does not help a lot the program freezes and I need to kill it. Perhaps a problem with initial and boundary conditions created by real.exe.
If I set use_theta_m = 0 for real.exe and wrf.exe, the job never freezes and it finishes without any error.
Is it ok to work with use_theta_m = 0 ?

Here I want to note that I used more than 4 different chemical mechanisms without any problem. The problem appears only for RADM2 chemical mechanism and MADE/SORGAM aerosol (chem_opt= 11).

Thank you so much for any help.


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