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some problem when gen_be for GSI with WRFDA

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Dear madam or Sir;
I get a problem when i gen_be for GSI with the script in WRFDA. The problem message is in the attachment gen_be_stage2_gsi.log. And the attachment also contain the script that i use. The problem,forrtl: severe (29): file not found, unit 10, file /nuist/u/home/keyu/scratch/fkm_dir/gen_be/wrfda_gsi/be_for_gsi_d01/run_gsi_be_lat_bin_size_1.0_lnps/working/stage1_gsi/f, is appear in the step of stage2,but when i see the code of gen_be_stage1_gsi.f90,i have not see the file f is generated in the step of stage1.So the error is very strange. I have tried different versions of WRFDA, the errors are the same. So i hope get your help. Thank you very much.
Best wishes!


  • gen_be_stage2_gsi.log
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  • wrapper_gen_be_gsi_ksh.txt
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Hello,i know why this error appealed, because the length of filename exceed the limit, so the error appeal when read the file. But i have another question,what the meaning of those three parameters----LESS_LEVELS_FROM_TOP、LAT_BINS_IN_DEG、DEBUG in the wrapper script--------wrapper_gen_be_gsi.ksh in WRFDA, can you explain to me in detail? Thank you very much.