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Some questions about the parameter cong_do_DAcycling


I read the mpas users guide about the parameter cong_do_DAcycling. It mentions in there that the coupled field is recalculated, but I would like to know exactly what coupled field is calculated. Since I am doing something related to assimilation, I would like to know what variables I need to update, so that the corresponding coupled field will be recalculated when parameter cong_do_DAcycling is opened.
The 'config_do_DAcycling' option essentially controls whether the atm_init_coupled_diagnostics routine is called at the beginning of a restart simulation. The logic for this can be found around L.389 of mpas_atm_core.F (in MPAS v7.3).

Within the atm_init_coupled_diagnostics routine -- among other fields -- we compute theta_m, rho_zz, ru, and rw from the uncoupled theta, rho, u, w, and qv fields in the restart file.