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Spin up time and WRFDA


New member
Hello everyone, I am new to WRF and WRFDA and I am interested in running WRF with DA. I have found the following steps that need to be followed:

  1. Create an initial state using WPS and real.exe. This will give us a wrfinput_d01 file that will serve as input for WRFDA.
  2. In WRFDA, we create a wrfvar_output file.
  3. Run da_update_bc.exe to modify wrfbdy_d01.
  4. Finally, we use the wrfvar_output file as the new wrfinput_d01 file and the modified wrfbdy_d01 file to run wrf.exe.
I want to add a 6hr spin-up time before data assimilation. Then what should be the input to wrfda after initial spin up time. Can anyone provide step wise instructions to be followed in WRFDA after a spin-up time?