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Stage 1 Error in GEN_BE on cheyenne

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I am trying to calculating BE covariance matrix using the sample
data from

I am using WRFDA version 3.9.1

I modified the script:

gen_be_wrapper.ksh (attached)

mainly the input and run directory paths and number of vertical levels and the processing times.

The pert.* files are somehow not created.

I ran this on cheyenne. If this helps, here are the details.

My home directory is in

cheyenne6: /glade/p/ral/nsap/chengw/wrfda/3.9.1/WRFDA/var/test/gen_be5_cv5

The run directory is in

cheyenne6: /glade/p/ral/nsap/chengw/wrfda/3.9.1/WRFDA/var/test/gen_be5_cv5_run

I am also attaching the logs as well.

Thanks! - Will


  • gen_be_wrapper.ksh.txt
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  • gen_be_stage1.log
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  • job_name.o4829046.txt
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