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Stop:activate before 48000 and Segmentation fault occurred during wrf.exe

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I ran series of wrfchem cases by month for a year. Same measures were taken to deal with the initialization.
However, several months worked well while the others stopped working either at the start or in the middle.Errors like Segementation fault were raised for the start-to-breakdown cases,and Stop:activate before 48000 was for case running for a couple of hours.
I have tried to modify time_step to see if it works,but it doesn't.Some errors turn into Stop:activate before 48000 while some don't,which makes me very confused.
Here I attached one of the cases.It breaks down at the start,raising Segmentation fault occurred whatever time_step it is.(though after changing time_step it breaks down at different point)
Thanks for your help.


  • namelist.input
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I try to figure out where the problem may lie.The problem maybe is in the wrfbiochemi_d01 file:
When I replace the wrfbiochemi_d01 file generated by megan with that generated for another working month,it unexpectedly works(not yet for one specific month).
I am rather confused about this.