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Strange Cloud Output

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I am using WRFV4.1 and UPPV4. The parent model I am using is the NAM and running a 3-way nest at 10, 3, and 1 km. The WRF completes, as does UPP, but when I view my cloud output it is not correct. I do not see any obvious errors along the way from either the WRF or UPP, and other elements of the forecast look on track except for the clouds. I have tried using grib and grib2 but the output looks the same. The cloud fraction output from the WRF looks reasonable, but after it completes UPP it looks nothing like the CLDFRAC from the WRF. I have attached a couple of screen shots from Panoply to the post. Anyone have any idea of what could be going on here to cause the striped appearance to the clouds (in this case Total Cloud Entire Atmosphere).




  • Total_cloud_cover_entire_atmosph in WRFPRS_d01.04.png
    Total_cloud_cover_entire_atmosph in WRFPRS_d01.04.png
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  • CLDFRA in wrfout_d01_2020-10-29_13_00_00.png
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Hi Josh,

What compiler are you using to build UPP? We have seen this exact issue with the PGI compiler, but never with GNU or Intel. We no longer test or debug issues with PGI. If PGI is not the issue, then feel free to send a sample file and I can see if I can re-create it on my end. Let me know if you need ftp instructions.
That was the problem. I built UPP with GNU and was able to get representative cloud cover. Thanks for the help!