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Temperature advection from wrfout_d[X]* files


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I would like to evaluate horizontal temperature (T) advection from wrfout_d[X]* files on the model levels (following the terrain). I’m an NCL user and didn't find a specific function for curvilinear grids. I this case I would like to ask you if the following “numerical recipe” is a good approach to evaluate these fields:

  1. Evaluate temperature gradient*** on the model X and Y coordinates.
  2. The temperature gradient will be in U (for X) and V (for Y) staggered points as the temperature is on mass points. So, It would be rotated to Earth coordinates as wind components.
  3. Using wind Earth rotated components evaluate the advection as: adv_T = U*(dT/dx) + V*(dT/dy)

*** To evaluate horizontal gradients I plan to use the following relationship:

Please, let me know if this method is a good way to accomplish this task. Furthermore, I appreciate it if you have a piece of code that evaluates this advection to guide me.



Sorry, the correct equation is (adapted from Holton 2004, p. 24):


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