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Time duplicates issue in obsproc

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Hello WRFDA-experts,

I have a data from one AWS station but for different time stepsv(same location but different time). For example, data at 00Z, 03Z, 06Z, and 09Z.
My analysis time is 0Z.
I set a three hour window in the namelist.obsproc but I encounter a Time duplicate error.
I am running WRFDA using 3dvar.

According to the documentation:

As an example, to prepare the observation file at the analysis time, all the observations in the range ±1h will be processed, which means that (in the example case) the observations between 23h and 1h are treated as the observations at 0h. This is illustrated in the following figure:

How come that only the 0Z is retained by obsproc? It removes the data from other time steps and flag them as time duplicates.

Is this how 3dvar really behaves?

I'll appreciate any help on this.