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Time-varying aerosol emissions for WRFV4.4

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I am trying to use a time-varying aerosol emissions to run WRFV4.4.
For now, I am trying to generate a wrfqnainp_d0* file, but what variables should be in this file, and how should they organized are still unknown to me.
Could anyone share a sample file, its log file, or some descriptions ?
Hello jethong,

Thanks for inquiring about the new aerosol capabilities in WRF v4.4.

The wrfqnainp_d0* file is used to update the surface aerosol emissions. To generate the file during real.exe, you should set the follow namelist parameters:

io_form_auxinput17 = 2,
auxinput17_interval = 180,

qna_update = 1

The auxinput17_interval should be changed according to your desired aerosol update frequency.

By default,
wif_input_opt = 1
Thus, once the wrfqnainp_d0* file is generated, it should contain QNWFA2D (water-friendly aerosol emissions) and QNIFA2D (ice-friendly aerosol emissions). However, in v4.4, we have added the option to also consider black carbon (BC) aerosol by setting
wif_input_opt = 2
Now, the wrfqnainp_d0* file should also contain QNBCA2D (black carbon aerosol emissions). Furthermore, if you are interested in considering smoke aerosol from biomass burning emissions, then you can set
wif_fire_emit = .true.
In this case, if
wif_input_opt = 1
then biomass burning emissions from only organic carbon (OC) are added (QNOCBB2D), and if
wif_input_opt = 2
then biomass burning emissions from both OC and BC (QNBCBB2D) are added. However, note that the climatology data set used in WPS does not contain biomass burning aerosol information. Therefore, one must use a more comprehensive data set (e.g., GEOS-5) in order to consider biomass burning aerosol. And, in this case, one must set
use_rap_aero_icbc = .true.,
instead of the default option
use_aero_icbc = .true.,

Please also refer to this website for additional information: