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Dear Supporters,
I need to calculate the TCC from wrfout files, to be used by an ocean model.
I found the calculation of cfrac in the diagnostic ncl function wrf_user_getvar, that is supposed to calculate the cloud fraction in three different atmosphere layers, as like the TCC calculation needs.
  • why the sum of the three cfrac values for low, medium and high clouds somewhere exceeds 1?
  • the calculation invokes the function wrf_cloud_fraction(vert, rh, vert_inc_w_height, low_thresh, mid_thresh, high_thresh, msg) but I was not able to find it, to look at the calculation performed
  • so I moved to wrf_pyton and I found in the file /wrf-python/fortran/wrf_cloud_fracf.f90 the DCLOUDFRAC2 subroutine where each of the cloud fraction calculated are checked to be in the 0-1 interval, and in case not, set to 0 or 1. This unfortunately does not prevent their sum to exceed 1.
I'm a bit confused on the way to proceed, could anyone help me?
Thank you very much
best regards