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TWO Unlimited Variables in WRF CHEM 4.2.2 wrfout files.

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Hi All:

When processing WRF_CHEM 4.2.2 for the test Sahara Dust Case, we are seeing two Unlimited dimensions in our wrfout file. This is causing access problems such as the example below using ncdump.

% ncdump -h
ncdump: NetCDF: file not found

The link to the file is found here:

Under CDMRemote in the TDS services, you can see the variable list and the "other" unlimited value:

netcdf CLASS_Examples/AES_744_Area/STUDENTS/wjc/chem_tutorial_1/ {
    Time = UNLIMITED;   // (49 currently)
    DateStrLen = 19;
    west_east = 40;
    south_north = 40;
    bottom_top = 39;
    bio_emissions_dimension_stag = UNLIMITED;   // (0 currently)
    bottom_top_stag = 40;
    soil_layers_stag = 4;
    west_east_stag = 41;
    south_north_stag = 41;
    seed_dim_stag = 12;

And is associated with one variable in the file that we can see:

    float DRY_DEP_LEN(Time=49, bio_emissions_dimension_stag=0, south_north=40, west_east=40);
      :FieldType = 104; // int
      :MemoryOrder = "XYZ";
      :description = "dry deposition velocity";
      :units = "cm/s";
      :stagger = "Z";
      :coordinates = "XLONG XLAT XTIME";
      :_ChunkSizes = 1U, 1U, 20U, 20U; // uint

If anyone has any ideas, help here would be appreciated.

Cheers and Thanks
Bill Capehart
SD Mines