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Unexpected KF-CuP RAINC results

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I am running a number of physics simulations (using WRFV4.1.5) and KF-CuP scheme stands out for a couple of reasons.
  • KF-CuP accumulated total cumulus precipitation (RAINC) occurs only over land and
  • KF-CuP produces significant grid scale precipitation (RAINNC) relative to the other schemes.

Is this expected behaviour?

As an example, I have attached RAINC and RAINNC plots showing KF-CuP and OLD-KF scheme as well as the namelist input files used.


  • 10year_average_RAINC_d01.jpg
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  • 10year_average_RAINNC_d01.jpg
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  • namelist-cu10.input
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  • namelist-cu99.input
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