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ungrib with Cray compiler

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There is a problem running ungrib with the Cray compiler.

Specifically, not all of the 4 soil levels were picked up from the GFS
in ungrib.exe.

In rd_grib2.F, there is a block

if ((g2code(4,j) .eq. 106) .and.
& (gfld%ipdtmpl(2) .eq. g2code(3,j)) .and.
& (glevel1 .eq. level1(j)) .and.
& ((glevel2 .eq. level2(j)) .or.
& (level2(j) .le. -88))) then

In the Cray compiler, there is a small difference between (glevel1 and level1(j))
and (glevel2 and level2(j)) that not all 4 soil levels from GFS are picked up.

A small fix was applied:

if ((g2code(4,j) .eq. 106) .and.
& (gfld%ipdtmpl(2) .eq. g2code(3,j)) .and.
& (abs(glevel1-level1(j)) .lt. 0.001 ) .and.
& ((abs(glevel2-level2(j)) .lt. 0.001) .or.
& (level2(j) .le. -88))) then

Credit goes to Francois Thomas from HPE who fixed this.

There are also a few additional modifications. I have the new and
old code attached.

This may be worth putting in for the new release.

I presume we need to do the same thing for the grib1 version.


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