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UPP 4.1 failed temporaly with WRF settings

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I observed two problems when using UPP 4.1. This topic will deal with the first one. The second problem will be about copygb and will be stated in another topic to separate both problems.

I use WRF-4.2.2 together with the UPP 4.1 and copygb for post processing. I need grib1 as output files. Due to working with grid spaces below 3 km I ressently switched off the CU-Scheme - setting cu-phys to zero - as recommended. Doing so I observed the following reporting from my own logfile which prints messages other than stated in the logfile from UPP.

NetCDF error in wrf_io.F90, line 3345

Program received signal SIGFPE: Floating-point exception - erroneous arithmetic operation.

Backtrace for this error:
#0 0x7fe6b1a0dd21 in ???
#1 0x7fe6b1a0cef5 in ???
#2 0x7fe6b16d720f in ???
#3 0x7fe6b1887624 in ???
#4 0x55bc2f05451e in w3fi76_
at /usr/local/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES/NCEPlibs-master/exec_linux.gnu/src/w3nco/v2.0.6/src/w3fi76.f:104
#5 0x55bc2f056efc in w3fi75_
at /usr/local/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES/NCEPlibs-master/exec_linux.gnu/src/w3nco/v2.0.6/src/w3fi75.f:492
#6 0x55bc2f050b16 in w3fi72_
at /usr/local/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES/NCEPlibs-master/exec_linux.gnu/src/w3nco/v2.0.6/src/w3fi72.f:334
#7 0x55bc2e19f22d in gribit_
at /usr/local/Build_WRF/UPPT4.1/sorc/ncep_post.fd/GRIBIT.f:762
#8 0x55bc2e41afc3 in surfce_
at /usr/local/Build_WRF/UPPT4.1/sorc/ncep_post.fd/SURFCE.f:849
#9 0x55bc2e3bb851 in process_
at /usr/local/Build_WRF/UPPT4.1/sorc/ncep_post.fd/PROCESS.f:99
#10 0x55bc2e4bfe10 in wrfpost
at /usr/local/Build_WRF/UPPT4.1/sorc/ncep_post.fd/WRFPOST.f:830
#11 0x55bc2e4c1544 in main
at /usr/local/Build_WRF/UPPT4.1/sorc/ncep_post.fd/WRFPOST.f:134

The output file was not created. I will attach the unipost.exe logfile.

I did a reanalyses with the same GFS data having CU-scheme (3) on and the failure occure at an other timestep.

Maybe it is a problem caused by the compiler. I use gnu-compiler version 8.4 and cmake version 3.16.3.
NetCDF is version 4.7.4 and for fortran it is 4.5.3. But I am not sure if the problem is caused by compiling.

I hope someone can help
Thanks in advance



  • unipost_d01.txt
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it seems that it has something to do with NCEPlibs. Now, I got the error at line 94 from the same script.


I will write boths lines here.

line 94:

IEXP = INT(ALOG(ZREF)*(1.0/ALOG(16.0))+64.0+1.0+ZEPS)

line 104:

KMANT = NINT (ZREF/16.0**(IEXP-70))