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use of low resolution WPS geographical data fields

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Hi - have a quick question. It is possible to use the low resolution set of the WPS geographical data fields in MPAS init_atmosphere_model or must one strictly use the high-resolution set? I've done some MPAS testing with the high-resolution WPS geographical data fields, but was just curious.

In the v7.0 release, the only option is to use the high-resolution geographical data. However, we are reworking the static interpolation for the next major release (v8.0) to enable faster, parallel interpolation of geographical fields. As part of this rework, we'll likely be including the capability to sub-sample the pixels in the high-resolution datasets to enable faster processing specifically for testing purposes (with the strong recommendation to use the full, high-resolution data for any simulations where the model results are important).
Thanks for that really good info. It sounds like your intentions for v8.0 are excellent, allowing for those interested, to speed up their run-times on the init end. But do agree, that for the absolute best results, it only makes sense to use the full, high-resolution set. This information may already be out, but when do you think v8.0 might be released?