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Using user defined AOD into WRF-Chem to simulate "SWDOWN"

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Presently I am working on integrating AOD model output from a numerical model into the WRF-Chem run through auxiliary input 5 or 15. According to the readme file of namelist, this can be done using:-

auxinput15_inname = 'AOD_WRF_input_d01',
auxinput15_interval = 21600,
io_form_auxinput15 = 2,

aer_opt = 2,
aer_aod550_opt = 2,
aer_angexp_opt = 3,
aer_ssa_opt = 3,
aer_asy_opt = 3,
aer_type = 1,

The model is running fine but it is not taking any input from the file provided as no matter whatever the value inside the input file, output is coming same. Any suggestion will be very helpfull.