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Vapor 3.7.0 is now scriptable!


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Vapor can now be scripted with its Python API. Now you can configure a session in Vapor’s GUI with your preferred renderers, then use Python to generate still frames or movies in ways that are difficult if not impossible to do without a script.

3.7 also introduces new enhanced rendering for visualization of Lagrangian particle tracking, the display of dataset metadata, and 93 other enhancements and bug fixes.

Turn on Vapor’s notice board (under Preferences) to get updates on upcoming video tutorials on these new features, and upcoming in-person tutorials.

Download here:

-The Vapor Team

Primary Enhancements
Python Scripting API
Enhanced Particle Rendering
Dataset metadata monitoring

Secondary Enhancements
Support for ZFP compressed NetCDF
Improved CPU core diagnostics
Allowance for time units in vdccreate