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Vapor 3.8.1 bugfix and PythonAPI documentation update


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Vapor 3.8.1 is now live and includes the enhancements and fixed issues below. Further documentation for Vapor's scriptable PythonAPI has been added as well and can be found here. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials on this new API and please reach out to us here or on our forum if you have any questions.

Downloads for your operating system here!

New Enhancements
3312 - Graphics Memory Detection

Fixed Issues
3345 - Python API direct parameter access not working
3343 - Python Renderer class missing global opacity controls
3335 - Bad documentation page
3325 - Flow: Pathlines seem to never stop advecting
3318 - Flow deltaT calculation on mostly zero fields
3315 - Python API documentation overhaul
3313 - Bundle libxinerama in Ubuntu 22
3311 - Journal article should be cited
3306 - ZFP compressed NetCDF files do NOT open with VAPOR 3.7.0
3305 - Trajectory trace files have a time precision of 1 second, the time of subsecond trajectory data is truncated
3304 - Documentation is wrong about the vector field multiplier
3296 - Python API instructions for M1 build
3290 - Python help() needs to be added to readTheDocs
3293 - Deleting a Python variable plotted in a renderer causes Vapor to crash
3277 - Mismatched default origins between the Wireframe and TwoDData renderers
3268 - M1 build crashes with isosurfaces
3253 - Particle Length Scale changes direction rather than length
3162 - Height mapped variables on 2D grids
3148 - Contributor's Guide documentation for building and installing Python API
3060 - Closing Visualizer with multiple datasets breaks navigation controls
3359 - installer currently broken