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Variables not included in standard outputs


New member
Hi, all

I am currently using WRF V4.4(em_ream).
I have done a simple test calculation using HRRR data as input data.
The variables required in my study are
・3 components of velocity(m/s)
・Relative humidity(%)
・Altitude (m) corresponding to each pressure levels
・Ground heat flux(W/s^2)
・Friction velocity(m/s)
・Boundary layer thickness(m)
・Surface pressure(Pa)

Of these, only the followings are found in the standard outputs.
・3 components of velocity (U,V,W)
・Ground heat flux (GRDFLX)
・Boundary layer thickness (PBLH)

How can I obtain the other variables?
Or are these outputs not possible with WRF?