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What s wrong with my namelist?


Dear all,

According to the user guides I read, I found that after converting intermediate files produced by prep-chem they should be converted to netcdf files using the convert.exe program.
I pass these steps, but according to the user guide after creating
wrfchemi_d01, wrffirechemi_d01, and wrfchemi_gocart_bg_d01 , they should be converted to wrfchemi_d01_year-month-day_00:00:00, wrffirechemi_d01_year-month-day_00:00:00, wrfchemi_gocart_bg_d01_year-month-day_00:00:00.
However, after doing these conversions, and running real.exe with chem-opt = 31, and kemit =31, the program looks for wrfchemi_d01, wrffirechemi_d01, and wrfchemi_gocart_bg_d01, and not wrffirechemi_d01_year-month-day_00:00:00, wrfchemi_gocart_bg_d01_year-month-day_00:00:00.
What is wrong with my name list please (attached)?
Please let me know about this.
Best wishes,