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When running the second instance of real.exe with the chem opt set to 10 in the WRF-CHEM.


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When running the second instance of `real.exe` with the `chem_opt` set to 10 in the WRF-CHEM model, I'm encountering an issue where the pollutant mapping isn't being generated in the `wrfinput` file. I'm relatively new to WRF-CHEM, so I'm unsure about the root cause of this problem.


  • namelist.input
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  • edgarv5_MOZART_MOSAIC.inp.txt
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While I have been able to successfully execute the program for domain 1, I have noticed that the concentration variables, as specified in the namelist.input, are missing or not being accounted for in this domain.

Could you please assist me in understanding why these concentration variables (NH3,SO2,NO,NO2) are not reflected or available for domain 1 within the wtfout_do1? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or insights you could provide to rectify this matter.