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WPS4.1 ungrib not compiling.. intmath.f file looks OK per #119

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I was able to compile WRF3.8.1 and WPS3.8.1 on a RaspberryPi4 8GB ... 128 GB SD card... and it worked to the point of a metgrid error noting missing a surface data element...GFS change. So I understood that WPS4.1 would correct that an be backward compatible. (Only reason for 3.8.1 was that I had seen it succesfully run on a RaspberryPi.) I downloaded geog_high_res_mandatory to replace geo_complete to be compatible with 4.1. I could make the geogrid, but ungrib would not compile. My intmath.f file from 4.1 already has the changes noted in #119. Could this be related to the RaspberryPi (arm7) environment, or have I missed something (likely)? Attached is the compile.log from attempting to compile ungrib, and screen captures of my intmath.f file. Let me know what else I should provide. Thanks in advance... Steve (up to the glitch... RPI4 with 8GB of RAM was doing well. I have a second RPI4 8GB to make a small cluster. If this works out, I may add more RPIs).


  • ungrib_compile.log
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The compilation error
gfortran -c -ffixed-form -O -fconvert=big-endian -frecord-marker=4 intmath.f

if(iand(i,Z'FFFFFFFF00000000')/=0) then
Error: Integer too big for integer kind 8 at (1)

Error: Expecting END FUNCTION statement at (1)
looks like it's the same as the compilation error in this thread. I'd suggest we follow-up there.

(As a side note, it does help others who are searching for a specific error message if the error is quoted in a post, as the forum search functionality doesn't search through attachments. We probably should mention this on the forum guidelines page.)