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WRF Chem 4.2.2 convert_emiss.exe errors

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Dear colleagues,

I have compiled convert_emiss.exe in WRF Chem 4.2.2. I tried to run it to process the NEI 2011 data, and got the following error message in rsl.error.0000:
Number of emissions: 31
dims: 1 1 1
dims: 82 53 62 6
dims: 1 1 1
dims: 659 53 559
dims: 95 6 75 43 3
dims: 660 6 560
forrtl: severe (67): input statement requires too much data, unit 91, file /u/flashscratch/x/xye/FIREX-AQ_post/WRFV4.2.2/wrfem_00to12z_d01
Image PC Routine Line Source
convert_emiss.exe 00000000039D745C for__io_return Unknown Unknown
convert_emiss.exe 0000000003A0A1DE for_read_seq_xmit Unknown Unknown
convert_emiss.exe 0000000003A078FB for_read_seq Unknown Unknown
convert_emiss.exe 0000000000459A8F Unknown Unknown Unknown
convert_emiss.exe 000000000041181E Unknown Unknown Unknown 00002ACA5E4F0D20 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
convert_emiss.exe 0000000000411729 Unknown Unknown Unknown

The same settings ran well with WRF Chem 3.6.1, however the wrfchemi_* files produced using v3.6.1 can not be used to run v4.2.2, since wrf.exe would report an error regarding the wrong version of emissions.
So, I checked the species corresponding to the option for NEI emissions ("emiss_opt==3") in v4.2.2. It seems that v4.2.2 requests more species than v3.6.1:

package eradmsorg emiss_opt==3 - emis_ant:e_iso,e_so2,e_no,e_no2,e_co,e_ch4,e_eth,e_hc3,e_hc5,e_hc8,e_xyl,e_ol2,e_olt,e_oli,e_tol,e_csl,e_hcho,e_ald,e_ket,e_ora2,e_nh3,e_pm25i,e_pm25j,e_pm_10,e_eci,e_ecj,e_orgi,e_orgj,e_so4i,e_so4j,e_no3i,e_no3j,e_naaj,e_naai,e_orgi_a,e_orgj_a,e_orgi_bb,e_orgj_bb,e_hcl,e_cli,e_clj,e_ch3cl

package eradmsorg emiss_opt==3 - emis_ant:e_iso,e_so2,e_no,e_no2,e_co,e_eth,e_hc3,e_hc5,e_hc8,e_xyl,e_ol2,e_olt,e_oli,e_tol,e_csl,e_hcho,e_ald,e_ket,e_ora2,e_nh3,e_pm25i,e_pm25j,e_pm_10,e_eci,e_ecj,e_orgi,e_orgj,e_so4i,e_so4j,e_no3i,e_no3j,e_naaj,e_naai,e_orgi_a,e_orgj_a,e_orgi_bb,e_orgj_bb

I am wondering if this difference in the species is the reason for the error of convert_emiss.exe.
Could anyone provide any suggestions on fixing it? Any information would be very appreciated!