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wrf-chem compile error with module_bl_mynn

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Has anyone comes across this error before? It looks like an error in the module_bl_mynn.F, line 3712. The * - doesn't make sense in fortran, what should this equation be? Thanks!

MODULE module_bl_mynn
ftn-855 crayftn: ERROR MODULE_BL_MYNN, File = module_bl_mynn.f90, Line = 127, Column = 8
The compiler has detected errors in module "MODULE_BL_MYNN". No module information file will be created for this module.

d(1)=chem1(k,ic) + dtz(k) * -vd1(ic)*chem1(1,ic) - dtz(k)*s_awchem(k+1,ic)
ftn-1725 crayftn: ERROR MYNN_MIX_CHEM, File = module_bl_mynn.f90, Line = 3663, Column = 36
Unexpected syntax while parsing the assignment statement : "operand" was expected but found "-".