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WRF-Chem higher versions 4.0 to 4.5 stucks - kpp_mechanism_driver: calling mozart_mosaic_4bin_aq_interface

pooja pawar

New member
I have successfully run the WRF-Chem model V 3.9.1 (MOZART_MOSAIC) however, when I tried to run with different settups from 4.0 to the latest 4.5 version, the model stucks with the similar message
photolysis_driver: called for domain 1
d01 2018-01-20_00:00:00 calling ftuv_driver
d01 2018-01-20_00:00:00 MOZART_MOSAIC_4BIN_KPP, MOZART_MOSAIC_4BIN_AQ_KPP aerosols initialization
d01 2018-01-20_00:00:00 calling conv transport for chemical species
d01 2018-01-20_00:00:00 calling calc_het_n2o5
d01 2018-01-20_00:00:00 chem_driver(01): Calling dchm_tstep_init
d01 2018-01-20_00:00:00 calling kpp_mechanism_driver
d01 2018-01-20_00:00:00 kpp_mechanism_driver: calling mozart_mosaic_4bin_aq_interface

How we can resolve this problem?
I also face such errors ,it shows :"kpp_mechanism_driver: calling gocartracm_interface".Have u solve it succesfully?