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WRF-Chem not reading anthropogenic emissions

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Dear all,

I am trying to run WRF-Chem with EDGAR-HTAPv2 anthropogenic emissions. The emissions were successfully created using the anthro_emis tool with the appropriate speciation map for the RADM2-MADE/SORGAM and emiss_opt species defined in the registry.chem.

I have a wrfchemi file for each hour of simulation, with the files named as follows:

After running ./real.exe with chem_opt "on" (option 11) the program is not reading the anthropogenic emissions, even if I have all the namelist input options related with these emissions activated (i.e., auxinput5_inname = 'wrfchemi_d<domain>_<date>', io_form_auxinput5 = 2, auxinput5_interval_m = 60, frames_per_auxinput5 = 1). However the porgram is reading the MEGAN biogenic emissions without any problem. Note that in order to upload the attached wrfchemi file, I had to add the .nc extention to the file name.

Can someone help me with this issue?

Attached is the namelist.input and the first time step wrfchemi anthropogenic emission file.


Best regards,
Rui Silva


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Hi Rui,

The real program does read in the anthropogenic emissions - try running wrf.exe with debug level > 100 and you should see that your emissions will be read in and used.

Dear Jordan,

Thanks for your suggestion. It worked after running wrf.exe and checking the output.

Best regards,
Rui Silva