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WRF-Chem RADM2 with MADE/SORGAM option with wet scavanging

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New member
Hello Everyone

I have a doubt, i would like to study the Effect of cloud chemistry on VOCs. and i have come across a doubt that chem_opt = 106 (RADM2 with MADE/ SORGAM with KPP) does not have wet scavenging and cloud chemistry option on the other side chem-opt = 11 (RADM2 with MADE/ SORGAM without KPP). most chemistry mechanisms are available in KPP. though while using chem_opt = 11, i get a warning that MADE/ SORGAM is an experimental scheme which is not fully tested. so can anyone help me which MADE/ SORGAM chemistry option i can use which is fully tested for cloud chemistry and what happens if I use a scheme which does not contain chemistry mechanisms available in KPP (for example chem_opt = 11).

can anyone please help me with my doubts.

Hi Pradeep,

You are correct in that 106 does not have cloud chemistry, while option 11 does. In general, KPP makes altering the chemical mechansim easier and is numerically efficient. The warning indicates that the developer cautions the use of the mechanism since it likely has not been tested over a range of schemes. If you would like to study cloud chemistry-voc relationships, I recommend using option 109, which uses KPP and the more up-to-date RACM chemistry.

Hello Jordan,
I would like to thank you for your response to my question. i have another doubt regarding chem_opt = 109 which is RACM with MADE/VBS option. I wanted to know where can I find the anthropogenic species mapping for the RACM option and which emiss_opt and emiss_inpt_opt I can use for the RACM scheme?

Please can you help me with it. any help will be really useful.