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WRF Chem restart


New member
Hello to everyone.

i would like to create wrfrst_ files and link them to wrf_chem_imput in order to restart chemistry in a next run.
(ln -s wrfrst_d01_xxxx wrf_chem_input_d01 and ln -s wrfrst_d02_xxxx wrf_chem_input_d02)

In the first run a wrfrst_d02_ file is created however the wrfrst_d01_ is not created.

Then, I used io_form_restart = 102

where the files wrfrst_d01_xxx_0000 to 0019 (20 ocres run) are created. (20 files, 250mb each)

How can i link these files to wrf_chem_input??

Or is it any other solution to create one netcdf file?