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WRF-Chem stops abruptly after 7 days in a free-running simulation

Hi all,

I am using WRF-chem v 4.2.1 and doing some experiment runs to isolate the direct radiative effect of Black carbon particles.

In my experiment, I set the refractive indices of BC to zero in module_optical_averaging.F and recompiled the model.

I ran a 15 days simulation with nudged meteorology which was successfully completed.

I now removed the nudging and attempted to simulate a free running experiment which halts after 7 days of running with a segmentation fault.

My guess is the model becomes unstable when freely developing meteorology in the absence of dominantly absorbing aerosol particles.
Though I am unsure if this might be the case.
I am looking for any suggestions to solve this. Happy to provide more info.
Thank you!