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WRF-Chem "Water is zero in liquid phase" error

Georgii Nerobelov

New member
Dear WRF-Chem users and developers,

I`faced an error during WRF-Chem run with chem_opt=201 (MOZART Chemistry with MOSAIC using KPP library).

The error is following:

Water is zero in liquid phase

The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_INVALID_FLAG IEEE_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO IEEE_UNDERFLOW_FLAG IEEE_DENORMAL

I found that the error appears when I have "aerchem_onoff= 1" in my namelist.input.
When I turn it off the WRF-Chem run goes fine.
However I would like to run the model with this flag turn on since I am interested in SOA simulation.

Is such problem familiar to anybody?

Kind regards,


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