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WRF-Chem4.0 or later Error running wrf.exe

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There is a problem when I am running WRF-CHEM4.0 or later, Some of the solutions on the forums have been used but to no avail, anthropogenic source is generated by anthro_emiss.
Intel 19, NETCDF4.7.3 ,hdf5-1.10.5

setenv CC icc
setenv CXX icpc
setenv FC ifort
setenv F77 ifort
setenv F90 ifort
setenv CPPFLAGS "-qopenmp -DNDEBUG -DpgiFortran"
setenv CFLAGS "-qopenmp -g -O"
setenv FFLAGS "-qopenmp -O2 -mp -recursive"


  • rsl.error.0000.txt
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Note this warning in your logfile:

WARNING: SAPRC99_MOSAIC_4BIN_VBS2_4BIN chemistry option is highly experimental and not recommended for use.

Sometimes an error message will show up in the offending core, do any of your other rsl.out/errors show anything else before the segmentation fault?

Can you successfully run with later versions?

I have also tried to run 4.1 which is still the problem above. WRF-CHEM3.6.1 also has the "WARNING:SAPRC99_MOSAIC_4BIN_VBS2_4BIN chemistry option is highly experimental and not recommended for use ",But it works.
THANK YOU, I downloaded anthro_emiss from the following URL ( run WRF-chem3.6.1 with this.Below is the namelist. Input


  • namelist.input
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These are some of the problems I encountered while installing and running WRF-CHEM4.1.


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