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wrf.exe fails with a segmentation fault, with error messages WOULD GO OFF TOP: KF_ETA_PARA I,J,DPTHMX,DPMIN

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This error is generated specifically by the Kfeta cumulus scheme. It occurs because the presumed parcel path for deep convection exceeds the model top. This can happen because the low level instability is too large (SST too large and low level lapse rates too steep). It can also happen if the model top is too low (200 mb, or sometimes 100 mb). This can also be a problem if the model is unstable and the vertical velocity is too large due to CFL condition violations (these warnings should appear in the rsl output files). A couple of things you should try:

1. If the model stops only after a few time steps, it is likely that the input data may have a problem. Check the input data, including TSK, and TSLB.

2. If you see many CFL points, decrease the time step from 6xDX to 4xDX.
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