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WRF-fire namelist.input

Hello, I am trying to run WRF-fire. I have a couple of queries, as follows:
1. I am confused as to why we keep the start and end of the ignition the same in namelist.input.
2. Does the model capture fire in a given radius only? (say, till 18 m) or it will show fire output for the whole domain.

fire_ignition_start_lon1=-107.293664, ! start points of ignition lines, longitude
fire_ignition_start_lat1 = 39.698696, ! start points of ignition lines,latitude
fire_ignition_end_lon1 = -107.293664, ! end points of ignition lines
fire_ignition_end_lat1 = 39.710990, ! end points of ignition lines
fire_ignition_radius1 = 18, ! all within this radius (m) will ignite, > fire mesh step

Thank you in advance!
Hi leeciviljoint2018,
You don't have to set the same values for the ignition start and end points. This is typically done when you have an ignition point, but you can also have an ignition line - in this case, the start and end points will be different.
The model ignites the fire within the set radius, but as the model advances in time, the fire will propagate until it reaches the domain boundary or the simulation ends. The outputs will show the whole domain.

I hope that answers your questions ;)
Hello Frediani,

Yes, your reply cleared my doubts. Thank you so much.

After the successful completion of wrf.exe, I am getting all the fire variables as zero. What could be the possible reason for the same? Can you please comment?

Thank you in advance!😊
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Hi Frediani,
Sorry, I am disturbing you again.
I resolved the above-mentioned issues.

Currently, I am facing the following problems:
I read your recent article about the Firebrand Spotting Parameterization Scheme.
As mentioned in the documents, I am using the FS parameters as they are in the namelist. How do I modify these values for a real-world WRF-Fire run? What are the criteria? As with the following input, I am getting zero values in the output for FS variables:
fs_firebrand_gen_dt = 2,
fs_array_maxsize = 100000,
fs_firebrand_gen_lim = 0,
fs_firebrand_gen_levels = 5,
fs_firebrand_gen_maxhgt = 50,
fs_firebrand_gen_levrand = .false.,
fs_firebrand_gen_mom3d_dt = 4,
fs_firebrand_gen_prop_diam= 10,
fs_firebrand_gen_prop_effd= 10,
fs_firebrand_gen_prop_temp= 900,
fs_firebrand_gen_prop_tvel= 0,
fs_firebrand_dens = 513000,
fs_firebrand_dens_char = 299000,
fs_firebrand_land_hgt = 0.15,
fs_firebrand_max_life_dt = 600,

Thank you in advanced!