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WRF grib table for ECCODES

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Hi all, could you help to decode WRF output files (NCEP Table I guess) with ecCodes, which is a package developed by ECMWF center? Briefly, the program provides an application programming interface and a set of tools for decoding and encoding grib messages.
Nowadays I use UNIPOST to convert wrf output files from netcdf format to grib format and after that I use Metview (ECMWF) to visualize it. The point is that Metview uses ecCodes package to open the grib files and ecCodes needs the right grib table to work correctly. Some variables as U, V, T, GH seems ok, but others presents an unknown info message.
METVIEW developers told me that it's necessary to give than the NCEP table used by UPP to convert wrf data from netcdf to grib. After that ECMWF will insert the table in ecCodes program to decode WRF data properly. Could you help me to provide the correct NCEP table used to generate wrf output files? Thanks a lot!