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WRF Multi-Operating System Install Toolkit (WRF-MOSIT)


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Hello and Good Day to the Weather Research Forecasting Modeling Community, Atmospheric Science Community, Meteorologists, Researchers & Meteorological Organization Leaders:

My name is Will Hatheway and I am a meteorologist in Texas, USA.

WRF-MOSIT has been published in the Springer academic journal Earth Science Informatics (Impact Factor: 3.0) and is available on
( )
and the journal website (
Please note that the WRF-MOSIT must be cited and is required by Springer.

The citation is:

Hatheway, W., Snoun, H., ur Rehman, H. et al. WRF-MOSIT: a modular and cross-platform tool for configuring and installing the WRF model. Earth Sci Inform (2023).

Third, WRF-MOSIT now includes support for ALL Fedora Kernel-based Linux Distributions on 64-bit systems. With this addition to the WRF-MOSIT, the WRF model can now be installed on High-Performance Computers, Cloud Servers, Desktops, and Laptops. The supported kernels include, but are not limited to:
  • Red Hat Linux Enterprise
  • CentOS
  • AlmaLinux
  • Rocky Linux
  • Fedora Linux

With the addition of the Fedora Kernel, the WRF-MOSIT can now be installed on:
  • Debian Linux Kernels (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Q4OS, etc.)
  • Fedora Linux Kernels (Red Hat Linux Enterprise, CentOS, Fedora, Rocky Linux, etc.)
  • MacOS
  • Windows Sub-System Linux (Debian Linux Kernels and Fedora Linux Kernels)

The WRF-MOSIT is now a complete installation package that can be utilized on ANY system anywhere in the world.

WRF Multi-Operating System Install Toolkit:

This is a BASH script that provides options to install the following Weather Research & Forecasting Model (WRF) packages in 64-bit systems:
  • Weather Research & Forecasting Model (WRF)
  • Weather Research & Forecasting Model Chemistry (WRF-CHEM)
  • Weather Research & Forecasting Model Hydro Standalone (WRF-Hydro)
  • Weather Research & Forecasting Model Hydro Coupled w/ WRF (WRF-Hydro Coupled)
  • Hurricane Weather Research & Forecasting Model (HWRF)
  • Weather Research and Forecasting Model CMAQ (WRF-CMAQ)
  • Weather Research and Forecasting Model Wildland Fire (WRF-SFIRE)

System Requirements

  • 64-bit system
    • Linux Fedora Distros (Red Hat Linux Enterprise, Fedora Linux, CentOS, etc.)
    • Linux Debian Distro (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.)
    • Windows Subsystem for Linux (Debian Distributions, Fedora Distributions)
    • MacOS
  • 350 Gigabyte (GB) of storage space

Libraries Installed (Latest libraries as of 03/01/2023)

  • Libraries are manually installed in sub-folders utilizing either Intel (CURRENTLY BROKEN DUE TO Compiler update. Will only work on classic intel compilers) or GNU Compilers.

GNU Fortran CompilersIntel Classic Fortran Compilers
zlib (1.2.13)zlib (1.2.13)
MPICH (4.1.2)libpng (1.6.39)
libpng (1.6.39)JasPer (1.900.1)
JasPer (1.900.1)HDF5 (1.14.2)
HDF5 (1.14.2)PHDF5 (1.14.2)
PHDF5 (1.14.2)Parallel-NetCDF (1.12.3)
Parallel-NetCDF (1.12.3)NetCDF-C (4.9.2)
NetCDF-C (4.9.2)NetCDF-Fortran (4.6.1)
NetCDF-Fortran (4.6.1)Miniconda
MinicondaIntel oneAPI Basekit
Intel oneAPI AIKIT

Software Packages
WRFWRF-CHEMWRF-Hydro StandaloneWRF-Hydro CoupledHurricane WRFWRF-CMAQWRF-SFIRE
WRF v4.5WRF Chem w/KPP 4.5WRF-Hydro v5.2WRF v4.5HWRF Utilities v4.0aWRF v4.5WRF-SFIRE v2
WPS v4.5WPS v4.5WPS v4.5POMTC v4.0aCMAQ v5.4WPS v4.2
WRF PLUS v4.5WRFDA Chem 3DVARWRF-Hydro v5.2NCEP Coupler v4.0aWPS v4.5
WRFDA 4DVAR v4.5GFDL Vortex Tracker v4.0a
GSI v4.0a
UPP v4.0a
WRF v4.3.3
WPS v4.3.1

Pre/Post Processing Packages Installed

  • Development Testbed Center (DTC) Model Evaluation Tools (MET) v11.1.0
  • Development Testbed Center (DTC) Enhanced Model Evaluation Tools (METplus) v5.1.0
  • Development Testbed Center (DTC) Unified Post Processor (UPP) v4.1
  • ARWPost v3
  • WRF-Python (Conda installed)
  • OpenGrADS
  • GrADS
  • NCAR Command Language (Conda installed)
  • Prep-Chem-SRC v1.5
  • WRF CHEM Tools
    • Mozbc
    • Megan Bio Emiss
    • Megan Bio Data
    • Wes Coldens
    • UBC
    • Aircraft
    • FINN
  • WRF-GIS-Preprocessor (Conda installed)
  • Climate Data Operators (Conda installed)
  • Quantum Geographic Information System – QGIS (Conda installed)

*** Tested on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS, Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS, MacOS Ventura, Windows Subsystem Linux Ubuntu, Rocky Linux 9, CentOS 7, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 7***

Special thanks to:
  • University of Manchester's Doug L
  • The University of Tunis El Manar's Hosni S.
  • GSL's Jordan S.
  • University of Luxembourg’s Haseeb R.
  • University of Nairobi’s Anthony M.+-
  • NCAR's Mary B., Christine W., & Carl D.
  • DTC's Julie P., Tara J., George M., & John H.
  • UCAR's Katelyn F., Jim B., Jordan P., Kevin M.
  • Youtube's meteoadriatic
  • GitHub user jamal919

Below you will find links to the install scripts for WRF-MOSIT:


DTC Model Evaluation Tools
WRF CHEM Tools & Prep-Chem-SRC

As always, I write these scripts to help the greater atmospheric community. If I can help the advancement of the global atmospheric community through this small effort then I will be pleased.
Hatheway, W., Snoun, H., ur Rehman, H. et al. WRF-MOSIT: a modular and cross-platform tool for configuring and installing the WRF model. Earth Sci Inform (2023).
Good afternoon everyone,

I'm excited to share the latest updates for WRF-MOSIT!

I've upgraded all codes, libraries, and tools to their latest versions as of July 1, 2024. Additionally, I've added several new features and removed outdated functionalities to ensure optimal performance.

New Additions:

- Updated all libraries, software, and tools to their latest versions.

- Added GrADS and OpenGrADS installations for MacOS.

- Implemented checks for an active conda environment before installing WRF-MOSIT.

- Transitioned from Intel Classic Compilers to the new LLVM Compilers (ifx/icx/icpx).

- Included new geography files for specialized cases.

- Enhanced Readme files with updated instructions for executing .exe files.


- Removed Hurricane-WRF due to dependency on non-free Intel Classic Compilers. I recommend using WRF with the vortex following option—contact me for assistance.

- Temporarily removed the DTC MET Toolkit for Intel LLVM compilers. A compatible version is in development.

- Discontinued QGIS support due to stability issues and lack of support for GIS-WRF.

- Ended sponsorships following changes in GitHub's policies.

Future Projects:

- Ongoing maintenance of libraries and codes.

- Plan to update the MET toolkit upon the release of the new version.

- Development of the COAWST model for Intel, with the GNU version already completed.

Known Issues:

- Compilation error in WRFCHEM w/KPP with Intel LLVM due to excessive core usage. Contact me directly for a tailored installation.

- GNU 14 compatibility issues with some WRF-MOSIT systems; I'm currently exploring necessary compilation flags.

- An interactive terminal prompt bug in UBUNTU 24.01 disrupts proper installation; a fix is underway with Canonical.

I'm pleased with these updates and eager to see your innovative applications of WRF-MOSIT.

As a reminder, please ensure to cite WRF-MOSIT in any publication, as REQUIRED by its academic journal publication:

Hatheway, W., Snoun, H., ur Rehman, H. et al. WRF-MOSIT: a modular and cross-platform tool for configuring and installing the WRF model. Earth Sci Inform (2023). (

The updated code is available on GitHub:

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Best regards,


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