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WRF NCL InitTime, ValidTime, Footer Bugs

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New member
I'm having problems with the InitTime, ValidTime, and Footer settings Here're my relevant settings:
ht_res@MainTitle = "CNTL Experiment (No DA)"
ht_res@MainTitlePos = "Left"
ht_res@InitTime = True
ht_res@ValidTime = True
ht_res@TimeLabel = file_date
ht_res@Footer = True
ht_res@FontHeightF = 0.013

In the resulting plot, small font versions of InitialTime and the Footer are overwritten by larger font version of the same information. I've unsuccessfully tried various combinations of the above mentioned parameter settings to solve the problem or get rid of the InitialTime and Footer completely. These must be a known problems. Does anyone have a fix? Also, how can I get rid of the field information (e.g., the small fort Terrain Height (m) and U at 10 m (m s-1))? Thanks,
Hi Arthur,

Would you be able to send your script? If you are using the wrf specific functions the WRFUserARW.ncl script automatically posts these things and you might need to alter that, but I can help more with your script.