WRF tracer_opt setting


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I am using tracer_opt these days and I am a little confused about the description in User_guide. It is said that

Now I am using two tracers (P_tr17_1 and P_tr_17_2), from the user guide's description, there are a pair of tarcers, one is the completely passive and other one has a first-order decay. Does it mean that the P_tr17_1 and P_tr17_2 shoule belong to the first tracer of my setting and the P_tr17_3 and P_tr17_4 should be the second tracer in my setting? Specificly, P_tr17_1 and P_tr17_3 are the completely passive tracer for the first tracer and second tracer respectively and P_tr17_2 and P_tr17_4 are the first-order decay respectively?

I really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot in advance.

Ming Chen

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Where did you see the phase shown in your png file? As far as I know, all tracers are treated the same when tracer_opt=2.


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Thanks Dr. Chen, I realised that this setting is valid just for when tracer_opt=1. Thanks for your reminding.