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WRF Tracking output

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I am trying to use the tracking output feature of WRF (
I also followed the instruction on , slide 53.
I have set the required entires for tracking output (i.e. track_loc_in=9648) and created a wrfinput_track.txt according to the format requirements.
The entires look as follows:
2021-06-26_00:10:00 50.222 8.447
2021-06-26_00:20:00 50.222 8.447
2021-06-26_00:30:00 50.222 8.447
2021-06-26_00:40:00 50.222 8.447

The entries are Date_time lat lon
I can also see in my rsl.out files that WRF is calculating output at track locations and time. The rsl.out file is also attached herewith. The problem is that I am not getting the tracking output file (expected wrfout_track_<date>).
Am I missing something? Any leads will be highly appreciated.

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  • rsl.out.txt
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I managed to find the issue and get a solution eventually.
The issue is that tracking output is produced only when all the points (and time steps) are processed. In my case, wrfinput_track.txt contained timestamps that were beyond the simulation time.
I needed to split the wrfinput_track.txt to ensure that all the timestamps are within the simulation time and then I got the output.