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WRF-VPRM auxinput stream 15 not working


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1. The model is not reading auxinput15 despite giving the input file. The model has been compiled with the chemistry option (WRF_CHEM=1). however for chem_opt=16 i.e. for GHG module. auxinput15 stream is not being read (I am using WRF versions 4.3 and 4.1.2; both have same problem). Need help ASAP..

2. After generating wrfchemi files using anthro emis model is stopping at a perticular time step every time. cant understand this behaviour of model. I have personally checked all the wrfchemi files and they are perfect.

Happy to help, but we will need some more information to help out. Can you please attach your namelist.input as well as your rsl.out/error.0000? Also, please look at the end of each of the rsl. files (e.g., tail rsl.*) to see if there are any unique error messages. If you can, increase the namelist option debug_level to >300 so that more information is printed.

Dear jordanschnell,
I am hereby enclosing my namelist.input and rsl.out log at debug level of 700. i am not able to find where the model is reading auxinput 15. No where the model refers to auxinput for stream 15 in the rsl out log. Your help is appreciated.
Thank You


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Regarding point 2:
It has been resolved after forcing the files on daily inerval rather than 3 hour interval. I dont know the reason behind but Its relieving to see that the model is running.