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wrf_user_vert_interp,and fatal:wrf_vintrp

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Zhi Mao

New member
I want to use the function "wrf_user_vert_interp" to interpolate variables(default eta coordinate) to pressure vertical coordinate.
I changed my NCL code many times,but the screen always show "fatal:wrf_vintrp: The pres and field arrays must have the same dimensionality",I don't know why! Is there anybody can help me?
The following is part of my NCL code,the version of my NCL is 6.4.0."wrf_user_vert_interp" is available in version 6.3.0 and later

QV=f0->QVAPOR(5,:,:,:) ;;;;;;QVAPOR [ bottom_top | 32 x south_north | 201 x west_east | 219 ]


It is necessary that your QVAPOR still have the time dimension when you pass it into wrf_user_vert_interp. When you just read in the one time NCL gets rid of that dimension. If you read in all the times like this:


then interpolate and then take out time 5 it should work just fine.