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wrfda 4.5 with wrf 3.9 testcase


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I'm trying to follow the documemtation in:

and I was able to build all the executables in WRFDA and WRFPLUS

Now I'm trying to run the testcase, but I'm having problems:

The user guide says:

If you have not already done so, download the sample data for the tutorial case, valid at 12
UTC 5th February 2008, from

Once you have downloaded the WRFDAV4.0-testdata.tar.gz file to $DAT_DIR, extract it by

> gunzip WRFDAV4.0-testdata.tar.gz
> tar -xvf WRFDAV4.0-testdata.tar

but in this link i don't have a 4.0 testdata and the last testdata that I have is for 3.9

So I've downloaded 3.9 testdata...

and tried to run 4DVAR...

As expected, it complained about old 3.9 data, so I had to include


in the

&time_control section

After that it complained about

use_theta_m = 1

so I changed to

use_theta_m = 0

in the

&dynamics section

After that, it runs for a few seconds,

and it aborts with the attached rsl.error file

The only thing that I should say is that I'm using the latest 4.5 version instead of 4.4 but I'm
pretty sure this is not the reason for this error...

Any clues? here can I get a testcase that is working?



  • rsl.error.0000
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Hello, I'd try setting a lower DT, since your map_factor is higher than 1. Apparently, your rsl.out.0000 complains about CFL conditions. Perhaps a dt=300 might work.