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WRFDA and RTM Compatibility: RTTOV and CRTM


New member
We are using Forecast Sensitivity to Observations (FSO) setup that utilizes WRFDA v3.8. We are currently using RTTOV v11.3 and the CRTM version that is included with WRFDA v3.8. Since maturing the FSO capability, RTTOV is now on version 13 and the CRTM version has also advanced. Our understanding is that CRTM generates backwards compatible coefficients for new sensors that we can use with the CRTM version within WRFDA v3.8. It is not clear that new coefficient files are generated to be backwards compatible for RTTOV. If anyone has experience with this and could share insights, it would be greatly appreciated? We are evaluating whether or not it will be necessary to update to WRFDA v4.4 in order to use FSO to evaluate new sensors when they are in space collecting data or continue to utilize v3.8 with older versions of the RTMs.
have you made any progress in this? did you decide to stick to 3.8 or have you moved to 4.3 and if you migrated to 4.3 are you willing to share your experience? we are looking into the FSO module as well and have not decided to follow the 3.x implementation or to do something different
many thanks