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WRFDA compile failure on linux server with PGI compiler.

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Hi all,
I am having this issue when building the WRFDA from v4.3 source files.
NVFORTRAN-F-0004-Corrupt or Old Module file ./type_kinds.mod (NESDIS_ATMS_SeaICE_LIB.f90: 60)
NVFORTRAN/x86-64 Linux 21.5-0: compilation aborted
make[2]: [makefile:32: NESDIS_ATMS_SeaICE_LIB.o] Error 2 (ignored)
pgf90 -c -O3 -w -Mfree -byteswapio Compare_Float_Numbers.f90
pgf90 -c -O3 -w -Mfree -byteswapio Endian_Utility.f90
x=`echo "pgf90" | awk '{print $1}'` ; export x ; \
if [ $x = "pgf90" ] ; then \
pgf90 -c -O3 -w -Mfree -byteswapio -tp=px Sort_Utility.f90 ; \
else \
pgf90 -c -O3 -w -Mfree -byteswapio Sort_Utility.f90 ; \

Attached is my configure.wrf and the compile.log file. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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  • configure.wrf
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Hi, hliudd,

2. compile WRFPLUS successfully;
3. compile WRFDA;
because I do not see WRFPLUSPATH = in your configure.wrf

Try to use Compiler choice: 28 with pgcc ( c compiler) if you fail in step 3 above.
because you used Compiler choice: 3 with SCC = gcc

I hope this helps.
Hi Maricopa,
Thanks for your support. I tried to use configure option 28 and the WRFDA 3DVAR is successfully compiled. However, when I am trying to assimilate the radiance data from Himawari-8, which is in netcdf format. The da_wrfvar.exe returns error message saying './da_wrfvar.exe: symbol lookup error: ./da_wrfvar.exe: undefined symbol: netcdf_nf90_open_' . Do you have any suggestions on this issue.
Thanks in advance.