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Writing Static Data to Geogrid

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I was a participant at the WRF Basic tutorial this past July and I am beginning my first foray into the world of WRF. One thing I have been running into issues with is writing new static data fields into the Geogrid binary format. I am following the documentation provided online which recommends using the write_geogrid.c file. However, since I am so new to using WRF (and C) I don’t have a great understanding of how to effectively use this program. The file I am trying to convert is a GeoTiff generated using ArcGIS. Any guidance you can provide with converting the Geotiff into the required Geogrid format would be extremely helpful.
If the dataset is in GeoTIFF format, a simpler option might be to use GDAL's gdal_translate tool ( to convert from GeoTIFF directly to the binary raster format used by the geogrid program. Assuming your GeoTIFF file is named "foo.tif", a command like the following should work after you've installed the GDAL tools:
gdal_translate -of foo.tif temporary.dat
The gdal_translate tool should print out two numbers that give the number of columns and the number of rows in the dataset; you can then use those two numbers to rename the "temporary.dat" file using the naming scheme expected by geogrid, e.g.,
mv temporary.dat 00001-NCOLS.00001-NROWS
where NCOLS and NROWS are the numbers provided by gdal translate, written as zero-padded five-digit integers.
Thanks for the reply. When I try and run that command I get and error that says "FAILURE: No target dataset specified". Is this due to the -of flag? If I remove it the .dat file is created, but is that the correct binary raster format?
Sorry about that -- I left of part of the gdal_translate command, which should read:
gdal_translate -of ENVI foo.tif temporary.dat