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x4.2562 and x4.10242 VR mesh generation

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Is it possible to generate variable resolution meshes of x4.2562 and x4.10242 grid cells with a circular area of refined resolution? I am running tests with MPAS-Atmosphere and hope to have these low-cost VR meshes.
Apologies for the long delay in replying! These two meshes should be easy enough to generate. I'll post an update here once we've created these two meshes and made them available for download.
I've just uploaded these two meshes to our web server. I've placed them in a new "experimental" directory, since they haven't been thoroughly tested yet.

Here are the links:

Based on the distribution of cell-to-cell distances in the histograms, below, I think setting config_len_disp = 100000.0 for the x4.10242 mesh and config_len_disp = 200000.0 for the x4.2562 mesh should be reasonable. If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to follow up in this thread.