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dynamics and numerics

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    Spurious waves seemingly emerging from domain boundaries - running WRF with 333 m resolution over complex terrain

    Hello WRF community, I am new to WRF and this forum, but I believe (after some searching) that this particular question was not asked. I wish to simulate KH waves (scale of several kilometers) over some fairly complex terrain; I wish to run the model at 333 m resolution which necessitates 4...
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    idealised cases - implications of 1d base state

    Hello, I would like to run a WRF idealised simulation prescribing a 3D wind field. I have modified module_initialize_ideal.F accordingly, following the example of the 'em_b_wave 'case for which a 2D wind field is prescribed, and got my wrfinput file ready to go. However, I don't quite...
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    Change in spec_zone of lateral boundary conditions during runtime

    Dear all, I've a question concerning the lateral boundary conditions for a real case run. I'm running WRF Verion 4.1 on a distributed memory HPC system. My region of interest is the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia. While running wrf.exe, my lateral boundary conditions changed in the...