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    Regridding / Convert Lambert projection of WRF outputs to Lat-lon projection + MASKING according to Shape file

    Hi, I have run the WRF simulation using Lambert projection. For verification, I have to convert the projection to lat-lon projection and have to mask it according to my shape file for ease of comparison. For this, I have used the rcm2rgrid function in NCL. where I can convert my grid, but...
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    Convert Lambert to lat-lon projection and masking it for a given region in the domain using functions in NCL website.

    Hi I am trying to convert a wrfout file which has a lambert projection to the lat-lon projection (which I trust is equidistant cylindrical also) and mask the output on the basis of the shape files I have. The problem I see it that using the code...
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    Frost depth information from wrf simulation

    Hi there, How do I calculate frost information from wrf simulation?
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    Hi all, When I post process the output data of MPAS with ncl, I found that there is variable u (nVertLevels, latitude, longitude) in history * * *. nc, but there are no variables v(nVertLevels, latitude, longitude). I already know u represents horizontal wind field, but in ncl, gsn_csm_vector...
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    Vector_plot ncl scripts for MPAS-A

    Hi all, I have successfully drawn the contour map and shading map of MPAS output data, but the wind vector map failed. The reason is the u and v in gsn_csm_vector(wks, u, v, vcres) must be two-dimensional. I don't know what to do. I just get the u & v all one-dimensional . Can someone help me...
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    metgrid warning:Couldn't open file ALBSI:2018-03-11_12 for input metgrid Couldn't open wps intermediate file

    Dear all, I am using the Polar-WRF and its need some other data which are not available in GRIB.So I wrote these data into the intermediate file WPSformat with NCL.It did work and I got intermediate file like:ALBSI:yyyy-mm-dd ICEDEPTH:yyyy-mm-dd However,when I was trying to run metgrid.exe,it...
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    Rotating WRF u- and v-winds before and after (?) reprojection

    Dear user community, I have a code that requires u- and v-winds on a regular lat/lon grid. Therefore, I need to reproject WRF lambert conic conformal output to lat/lon. I plan to use wrf_uvmet() to rotate the u- and v-winds to Earth coordinates first. However, I wonder if I need to rotate them...
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    NCL displays nothing

    Hi everyone, I want to see dust load in wrf output by NCL. I wrote a code to print dust load but does not display any plume but the margins appear. Does anyone know what my mistake is? I attached my ncl code and output.
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    SkewT different time step selection

    Hello everyone, I need help to understand how to select a specific time-step from this .ncl script: I think I need to change something here: P_tot = wrf_user_getvar(ncdf_in,"pressure",0) ; model 3D pressure z_tot =...