SkewT different time step selection


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Hello everyone,

I need help to understand how to select a specific time-step from this .ncl script:

I think I need to change something here:

P_tot = wrf_user_getvar(ncdf_in,"pressure",0) ; model 3D pressure
z_tot = wrf_user_getvar(ncdf_in,"z",-1) ; model 3D height
uvmet = wrf_user_getvar(ncdf_in,"uvmet",-1) ; Earth-relative U and V winds on mass points
U = uvmet(0,0,:,:,: ) ; Earth-relative U wind on mass points
V = uvmet(1,0,:,:, : ) ; Earth-relative V wind on mass points
TC = wrf_user_getvar(ncdf_in,"tc",-1) ; model temperature in Celsius
TD = wrf_user_getvar(ncdf_in,"td",-1) ; model dewpoint in Celsius

My wrfout is generated saving my variables every 10mins. I'd like to "sound" the athmosphere during the 25th time step.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. I apologize if this is not the correct section.
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