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    Regridding / Convert Lambert projection of WRF outputs to Lat-lon projection + MASKING according to Shape file

    Hi, I have run the WRF simulation using Lambert projection. For verification, I have to convert the projection to lat-lon projection and have to mask it according to my shape file for ease of comparison. For this, I have used the rcm2rgrid function in NCL. where I can convert my grid, but...
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    how to integrate soil moisture layers in Noah-MP module

    Dear all, I am confused about how to calculate the total soil moisture when considering multiple layers. The stimulated soil moisture has four layers (i.e., 0-10cm; 10-40cm; 40-100cm; 100-200cm) in Noah-MP module. But if we want to get the soil moisture in the layer 0-40cm and 40-200cm, can we...
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    Is there any processor to convert WRF outputs to .sam (SAMSON) and .ua (TD-6201) formats?

    Hello everyone, I would like to convert WRF outputs into input files for AERMET, and I have seen that one option is to have the mentioned formats above. Another option is through mmif; however, I have observed that mmif does not provide the .sam and .ua formats (although it does offer other...
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    Break lines when plotting 100m temperature by interplevel in wrf-python

    Hi, I'm using wrf-python to process wrfout data, but when I use the interplevel function to interpolate the temperature to 100m I get irregular changes, the several break lines(especially in the red polygon of first picture), and a similar problem with the vertical cross plot (second picture)...
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    WRF Domain Wizard GONE and OFFLINE

    Good morning, The WRF Domain Wizard is still recommended as a way to create namelist files for WRF and WPS and is hosted on the GSD website. However, it has recently been taken offline. So is there a new recommendation from NCAR on its replacement? What other alternatives are there to...
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    Grads: Operation error: Invalid dimension environment

    Dear altruists, For the domain between 45S to 55N and 23W and 174E, while trying to display the variables in GrADS i got the following error: Operation error: Invalid dimension environment Min longitude > max longitude: 353.454 157.426 In Grads, " ga-> open test.ctl Scanning description...